WooCommerce SEO

Everything you need to know about SEO for your WooCommerce Store.

what is WooCommerce SEO?

WooCommerce SEO is the process of getting your WooCommerce store to appear at the top of search engines like Google whenever someone is searching for the products you sell online.

is WooCommerce sEO important?

Optimising your WooCommerce store to appear at the top of Google is a critical component of your eCommerce success.

Look at it this way…

Imagine you sell ‘cat toys’ online. If your online store appeared at the top of Google whenever someone searches for ‘cat toys’ think about how much targeted traffic that would bring to your website?

Even better than traffic though…

Because these people are actively looking for ‘cat toys’ there’s a high chance you’ll make a sale right away. Sounds good? Well that’s the power of a successful Woocommerce SEO campaign.

Something else to consider: You might be surprised to know that whenever a potential customer searches for products online, 80% of the time they’ll ignore the Google Ads at the top and go straight to the ‘organic SEO results’.

People do this because they trust organic listings more than Ads which means if your eCommerce store is at the top you’ll get a lot more sales being generated on auto-pilot.

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Woocommerce SEO Tips

Here are some actionable Woocommerce SEO tips you can use to quickly improve your online store’s visibility. 

1. Map your most important 'SEO' pages

When it comes to ecommerce SEO, it’s super important you properly map out your most important pages you’d like to appear at the top of Google.

Here are some of the most important pages you’ll want to pay close attention to for your eCommerce shop.

Home Page

Your home page is the central point of your online store, it represents your brand and acts as a central hub for customers to explore your store and browse the products you sell.

In terms of SEO, your home page should be optimised for your brand name as this will become an important factor as your online store grows in popularity.

Category Pages

Category pages are one of the most important pages for successful eCommerce SEO campaigns. Often it’s category pages that appear on Google when a customer searches for the products you sell. A quick tip to boost your visibility for these pages is to make sure you’re adding unique descriptions for each of your category pages.

Here are some quick WooCommerce SEO tips for category pages:

Example target keyword: ‘dog biscuits’

  • URL should contain the target keyword (www.mystore.com/product-category/dog-biscuits/)
  • The Title tag contains the target keyword
  • A unique description has been added (at least 300 words) to the category page and contains the target keyword at least once.
  • Add internal links to direct ‘link power’ to your most valuable category and product pages.
woocommerce internal linking

WooCommerce Product Pages

In terms of SEO, ensure each of your WooCommerce product pages contain unique product descriptions and lots of high quality images that clearly show the product.

Product description example: You might want to add information related to the products size, weight, colour, quality to name just a few. 

The key thing to remember with any online store is that customers cannot touch and feel the product when buying online so you need to do your best to describe exactly what the product is like to help your customers make an informed purchase decision.

2. Add Breadcrumbs to Your Store

Breadcrumbs are a series of links that help customers easily navigate around your online shop and also help Google better understand the structure of your website.

Setting up breadcrumbs for a WooCommerce store requires some knowledge of coding to properly set-up so you might be best to get some help from a WordPress web developer if you’re not sure how to properly set breadcrumbs up.

3. Build Backlinks

If you want your eCommerce store to appear #1 on Google for the products you sell then earning relevant backlinks from other websites is a critical success factor.

A backlink means that another website ‘links’ back to your eCommerce store and it’s one of the top 3 ranking factor used by Google.

There are lots of different ways to build links to your WooCommerce store but by far the best way is to make sure you follow Googles quality guidelines to acquire links from authoritative websites related to your industry.

A few examples of this could be a supplier linking to your store or it could be a blogger who has written a review on their website about your products.

Building links to your online store is not always easy but it is vital you have a strategy in place for achieving this and if your still unsure then these link building tips will help give you some ideas.

4. SEO friendly Images

Images are a super important for any eCommerce store owner because they’re the main tool for showcasing your products to potential buyers.

The problem is a lot of store owners upload a bunch images without thinking how they impact their SEO or website performance. I’ve worked on hundreds of eCommerce campaigns and I can tell you 90% of the time, the culprit to a slow website is because product images haven’t been properly optimised.

A general rule of thumb for images is their size should be no bigger than 300 KB.

Here are some practical tips to optimise your WooCommerce store images:

  • Use a compression tool to reduce the size of your images, here’s a free one you can use
  • Upload images as either .jpg or .png
  • JPEG images can often be reduced in quality which will have a significant impact on their size without noticeably reducing image quality. 

An example of how you can reduce image size without noticeably affecting image quality.

5. Have a Strategy For Earning Product Reviews

This is more of a conversion rate optimisation tip but product reviews will make a huge difference to your WooCommerce store sales.

Make sure you have a strategy in place for getting as many customer reviews as possible.

Pro tip: Display customer reviews all across your store and try to get them on your cart and checkout pages too.

If you can attract reviews you’ll notice a big jump in sales conversions right away.


Final Thoughts

I can’t emphasize enough how important proper SEO is for a Shopify store. Yes it’s an investment and you probably won’t see a good return for a few months but stick with it because the rewards are phenomenal.

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