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5 Web design secrets that turn visitors into customers

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1. Use CTA's to increase sales

So, you have a beautifully designed website that looks fantastic.


Visitors to your site are interested in one thing.

WHO you are and HOW you can help them. Yes, a great looking website can help but I find it’s about 20% of the equation to turning your visitors into paying customers.

Here’s the deal:

You have about (maybe less) 8 seconds to tell them how you can solve their problems so getting straight to the point is crucial.

Next step you need to get them to TAKE ACTION using several calls to action (CTA’s), and that could by signing them up to your email list, calling you or buying directly from your eccommerce store.

If you don’t get this right then you’re leaving behind a large chunck of money on the table.

2. Mobile Friendly web design to capture 50% more customers

This one’s crazy and I’m still surprised by how many businesses aren’t cashing in by having a mobile friendly web design.

Almost 50% of internet users rely on their mobile phones to search online. 

A HUGE amount of potential customers you’re missing if your website’s not optimized for mobile phones.

Pro-tip: Use Google’s mobile-friendly test to see if your website makes the grade.

3. Fast Load times for better User experience

Here’s the bottom line:

Nobody likes slow loading websites and if you’re like me, you simply just move onto the next website.

Site speed is vital if you want to capture leads.

And what’s worse: Chances are search engines are punishing your site for not loading fast making it even harder for you to appear on the first page of Google. 

Check your websites load time here.

4. Search engine compatible to create leads

Here’s the TRUTH about most web design services:

They don’t have any idea how to get your website to the top of Google.

Why is this important?

Well, if you’re serious about creating leads and making sales online then your website has to be on the front page of Google.

This process is called search engine optimization (SEO) and without it, your website won’t be found by anyone looking for your products or services.

5. A Clean and Simple design

Don’t get caught up in the ‘HYPE’ of thinking you need the biggest and badest looking website around to win. 

What do you REALLY need?

A website that that gets you more leads and more sales, and I’ve learnt from experience that CLEAN AND SIMPLE web design works best.

The truth is…

People just want to easily find what they’re looking for in the shortest amount of time possible without being confused by fancy visuals and murky messages.

The process behind our web design Services

several icons showing how Engine Scouts web design process works







This is important:

Your website is often the first point of contact customers will have with you and it’s crucial you make a great first impression. 

Our web design services focus on creating a website that turns your visitors into paying customers and makes you findable for search engines like Google.

Here’s the exact process we use:

  1. First, we learn about you and your business. This is the most important because it helps us to understand the type of website you need and that it works for your ideal customer.
  2. Once we have a deep understing of you concept we send you the PLAN for review and final approval.
  3. We then dive right in and BUILD your website.
  4. Before LAUNCHING we get you to check and confirm you’re happy with the final result and make any minor adjustments needed.
  5. Now your website is live, we can manage it or provide you with the necessary technical SUPPORT and training to handle this yourself.
  6. [Optional] This is where we GROW your business online and really start driving targeted traffic using our ONE-TWO PUNCH approach with our PPC and SEO services. 

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