Increasing the online visibility of The Cello King by 656% & Sales by 1060%

656% increase

Organic visibility

Top 3 Rankings

Across commercial keywords

1060% ROI

Achieved from SEO

The Client

The Cello King is Australia’s leading small packaging company supplying packaging materials including cellophane bags for card makers and baked good supplies. The store launched online in early 2019 and trades exclusively to the Australian market.

The Challenge

Before working with Engine Scout, the client had little to no organic visibility and were relying on ‘word of mouth’ marketing and an overly expensive Google Ads campaign to generate sales. 

The paid advertising channels were not sustainable long-term & we knew that a focused SEO campaign targeting Australia wide would be the best strategy for long-term, sustained growth moving forward.

The Strategy

We knew that a critical driver for selling would be through a focused SEO campaign centred around 3 key pillars: technical SEO fixes, great content & links.

We divided the campaign into 3 key stages:

Technical Fixes

Kicking off the campaign, we identified some major technical SEO issues around website structure, duplicate content and indexing issues that we addressed during the early stages of the campaign. Correcting the sites Technical SEO meant we were able to achieve results faster and could focus more effort on improving conversions.

Category & Product Page Content Creation

During our initial site audit, we identified a need for additional content on key pages. Both category, sub-category and product pages either lacked relevant content or had duplicate content issues causing keyword cannibalisation and negatively impacting rankings. We worked closely with the client to produce relevant content with clear messaging and information for their target customers.

Off-page SEO

The other important aspect of a successful SEO campaign is making sure all the elements, not on your website are in order, as Google sees them.

The first step is link building, which is no longer a numbers game; it’s quality over quantity.

  • competitor link research
  • local blogger outreach
  • local citation link building
  • sponsorship opportunities

The Results

Our initial goal was to increase year on year organic traffic by 200% and to make organic traffic one of the top 2 marketing channels for sales.

Within 12 months, organic traffic grew by 1,005% between June 2019 and June 2020:

The site also ranks in the top 3 positions on Google for key commercial search terms, up from 0 keywords in the top 3 search results in June 2019:

Based on the investment made, the campaign has delivered a 455% return on investment over the last 12 months. We predict ROI to climb further as we continue to expand the sites organic growth opportunities.

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