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Meet Your Performance Marketing Team

Kat Solukova

Business Development Manager

Kat’s our super star sales manager who connects all the dots to understand the business needs of our customers and matches the right solution to achieve the best results possible.

Her focus is business strategy and smashing long-term growth goals for our customers.

When she’s not busy networking and discussing big ideas with our customers, she’s planning her next big travel adventure to some remote corner of the globe!

Kat Solukova
Jonathan Gorham

Jonathan Gorham

Head of Search

Jonathan’s our self-confessed search geek who’s busy executing your online marketing growth goals. 

His main focus is search engine optimisation but he’ll also tell you he’s pretty handy with paid search and dropping some killer Facebook ads.

When he’s not busy working on your marketing campaign you’ll find him running around somewhere in Melbourne somewhere being an avid runner and gym junkie. 

Let's Double (Or Triple) Your Companies Revenue

Every business is different and great marketing results come from a strategy designed specifically for your business and industry.

Our approach is simple: Ranking your website at the top of Google for commercial search terms. 

The Results? 

A RICH source of targeted traffic with quality leads and sales coming your way.

What’s more…

We’re 100% Transparent with you, unlike most marketing companies, we give you complete access to your marketing campaign, so you can stay up-to-date and informed about your companies growth.

Once you’re your website’s ranking at the top of Google and the leads are flooding in, we work relentlessly to protect your position and maintain your top position on the market.

We help our clients make more money