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What Engine Scout is all about

Engine Scout is a marketing agency run by me, Jonathan Gorham, and I’m passionate about helping your business thrive.

Here’s the story…

2 years ago I was running my own small business, struggling to figure out exactly how to grow. I was sick of always doing the chasing, constant rejection and getting little reward for my effort and time.

I thought to myself: There has to be a better way, I mean, A LOT of my competitors were doing great so what am I missing?

The truth: I wasn’t tapping into the limitless supply of sale opportunities online.

Specifically: Whats available when your website gets to the top of Google. 

Here’s what happened…

It took me some time but eventually, I got there and it completely transformed my business. 

Gone were the days of stressing about where my next customer was coming from. Now, it all happened naturally with my email and phone filling up with customer enquiries EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. 

Fast forward 12 months, I sold the business, moved interstate to Melbourne and decided to help other people experience the same results I had.

So: I threw myself into the world of digital marketing and started helping other business owners rank high in Google.

The Dark side of digital marketing 'experts'

90% will promise AMAZING results “GUARANTEED TOP OF GOOGLE IN 90 DAYS” and it sounds great, right? I mean it’s where the web traffic is and the gravy-train of endless sales and business growth.

Excited by the “incredible opportunity” promised you invest your hard earned money with them and wait for those dollars to come back 10-fold. 

Bottom line?

No agency or ‘expert’ can promise top rankings because they don’t control or own Google’s algorithms.

And if they do promise you?

They’re being dishonest.

Don’t get me wrong. Yes the right strategy will get your website climbing up BUT nothing is guaranteed in this industry.

So, ask yourself this…

Do I want to work with someone who’s not being 100% honest and transparent with me?

How Engine Scout grows your business

Every business is different and great marketing results come from a strategy designed specifically for your business and industry.

We use our ONE-TWO punch approach and the goal is always the same: Ranking your website at the top of Google for commercial search terms. 

The Results? 

A RICH source of targeted traffic with quality leads and sales coming your way.

And the best part?

We SHARE everything with you, there’s nothing to hide and we give you access to every bit of work we do, all available and completely confidential for your eyes only.

Once you’re at the top we work relentlessly to protect your position and maintain your stranglehold on the market.

Something you should know: 

We have 3 important conditions before working together. So please read carefully.

  1. We only take on businesses we truly believe have the POTENTIAL for serious growth.


  2. Your website hasn’t been previously penalised by Google.
  3. You don’t operate in the following industries: Adult, Gambling or Pharmaceuticals.   

In short…

When we work with you it’s because we know you’re a great candidate for ranking on the first page of Google. 

And If I don’t believe we can build you a rich funnel of leads and sales then we simply won’t work together.


If you’re ready to take the next step with your business and find out what we can do for your sales then we’d love to hear from you today.

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