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Here’s the deal:

Our digital agency is serious about increasing targeted traffic and sales for you. And we do this by focusing on long-term growth and success through ACTIONABLE marketing that actually WORKS.

Did you know 80% of lead generating efforts fail to deliver positive results?

Here’s why:

They focus on ‘quick wins’ to give your business a boost in leads over a short time and it’s just not sustainable long-term.

At Engine Scout we use our ONE-TWO PUNCH approach to flood your website with targeted visitors who want exactly what you’re selling.

And here’s HOW we do it:

1. Using Search Engine Optimisation

The bottom line is this:

Your business needs to be ranking on the first page of Google if you want to crush your competition and have long-term success.

We know what it takes to get to the top of Google and I’m not talking about ranking for pointless search terms that bring in ZERO leads and sales.

Our digital marketing agency gets customers knocking down your door with sales.

How exactly?

We’ve found our ONE-TWO PUNCH approach works extremely well. Set-up of your done for you PPC management combined with (TWO) our SEO service to deliver powerhouse results.

And the best part?

If we have any doubt about our strategy not working for your business we tell you before getting started.

2. By Not Offering "Cookie-Cutter" Marketing Packages

It’s no secret that digital marketing is super competitive and OUT OF THE BOX marketing packages just don’t cut it.

Every business is unique and yours is no exception. So before we begin we’ll invest our time to understand exactly who your customers are, what drives you and your business growth plans for the future.

Why is this important?

Your detailed knowledge allows us to create a sales funnel designed specifically for your business. This ensures maximum returns and the most sales for you.


Please be prepared for a thorough on-boarding process before we begin. It’s the critical first-step to achieving the results you expect.

3. Being Honest and Transparent

Every month I’ll send you your monthly GROWTH REPORT detailing exactly how your campaign is going, what’s working and what needs to be changed moving forward.

Our promise?

We’re 100% transparent throughout the entire process and you’ll have a behind the scenes ALL access pass to see EXACTLY how our efforts are driving more sales for you. This information is strictly confidential and will only be accessible by you.

4. We're based in Australia with no outsourcing to dodgy 3rd parties

All of our work is done IN-HOUSE at our Melbourne based agency and we don’t outsource work to 3rd party contractors.

Why is this important?

It gives us 100% control over your marketing campaign and makes any adjustments fast while protecting your website from exposure to a Google penalty.


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How we Grow Your Business

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Getting noticed is where it all starts and if you want to be found online you need to be on the first page of Google.

PPC Management

Also known as PPC, paid advertising is fantastic for generating instant leads and if done correctly can really get the ball rolling fast.


The words on your website must be interesting enough to keep your customers around, showcase who you are and make them want to TAKE ACTION.

But interesting content isn’t enough.

It needs to be optimized for Google and HIGH QUALITY. Finding the sweet spot between them is where we excel.

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Local SEO

If you run a small business that targets specific locations then you need to pay attention to google maps and local SEO.

Web Design

CLEAN AND SIMPLE, our golden rule for designing mobile-friendly websites that are optimized for search engines and customer conversions.

Reporting & Tracking

If you want to quickly assess and understand how your business is achieving its sales goals online then you need to collect the right data.

Engine Scout provide all of our clients with a monthly growth report so you can easily measure and track how your website is generating leads and sales.

Become our next success story