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Growing Your Ecommerce Business on Facebook is tough.

Finding a great ecommerce Facebook ad agency is tougher.

In a post iOS 14 world, Facebook advertising is no longer the same.

If you’re tired of underperforming ad campaigns and want sustained, long term results that deliver positive ROAS for your Ecommerce store then book a strategy call with us today.

Scale Profitably With Our Proven Campaign Structure

We know what works when it comes to scaling ecommerce Facebook ads. Our method follows a proven campaign structure and advertising strategy:

  1. Dynamic Product Remarketing
  2. Broad Audience Targeting
  3. Creative Ad Prospecting

We layer multiple ad sets and campaigns to build out a profitable campaign for your ecommerce business.

Our Core Facebook Advertising Services

Campaign Set up

Setting up your Facebook campaigns, structuring ad groups and how to build these out with your target audiences in mind is a key step to success with Facebook Ads. Take the guesswork away from trying to figure it all out and let us take care of setting up all the technical details.

Bid Optimisation

Do you know what bidding strategies you’ll use when running and scaling Facebook ads? Your bidding strategy can be the difference between making serious profits or burning a hole in your wallet. We know what works and when to switch strategies so you don’t have to stress.

Dynamic Ads

Facebook advertising has changed a lot recently and one of the biggest changes has been the push for advertisers to use dynamic ads. Facebook loves it when you include these and by applying the right strategy and ad creatives Facebook will reward you with better performance from your campaigns.

Pixel Segmentation

The Facebook pixel is critical for success when advertising on Facebook. Engine Scout will make sure it’s set up and segment it to target your most valuable audience from cart abandoners to product viewers so you can serve the right ads to the right audiences.

Creative Strategy

We craft engaging creatives and work with you on the best strategy for crafting ads that stand out and engage your customers. Ad creatives are probably the biggest success factor when it comes to social media marketing and it’s critical you have the right strategy in place.

Generate Positive ROAS

Our Facebook campaigns are always optimised for sales and we create a robust Facebook marketing funnel that consistently brings new customers and engages even the most hesitant of shoppers. If you want a Facebook marketing campaign specifically designed for ecommerce then get in touch today.

Facebook Ad Creatives For Ecommerce

We run dozens of tests to quickly find the highest performing ads

What does successful Facebook advertising look like? 

You need the perfect combination of creative content that engages your target customers. The right audience targeting and bid strategies to produce positive ROAS.

How Our Facebook Advertising Agency Works

Facebook is one of the most powerful advertising platforms for targeting your customers. With powerful targeting options including demographics, interests and behaviour you’re bound to find the right target audience.

The more people who discover your business through Facebook, the more people will call and do business with you.


Yes, our social media marketing service is specifically designed for ecommerce business looking to get started with Facebook ads and for ecommerce businesses looking to scale up their Facebook campaigns.

The most popular type of Facebook ad are video ads. Videos are a great way to grab your target audiences attention and will keep them engaged longer. That said, you shouldn’t discredit other types of ads as they too can be effective. A well-run ad account should include a number of different ad creatives to test which are the best performers.

Even better, we set you up with your own customised dashboard so you can monitor all your results in real time. No waiting for monthly reports that are impossible to understand.

Request your complimentary strategy session at the bottom of this page and let’s discuss how we can grow your ecommerce sales with Facebook today.

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