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We’re a Facebook ad agency that loves helping brands grow.

We help you develop a profit-first ads strategy to deliver targeted traffic that converts into sales for your online store.

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Drop us a line and one of our paid media strategists will arrange a short call to discuss your business.

Facebook Ads Case Study: Online Supplement store

4X ROAS Performance on New Customer Acquisition across the clients paid media spend.

Engine Scout partnered with an online supplement store to boost their sales across Facebook ads, email & SMS marketing. This boutique supplement store sells various herbal supplements online and requested to remain anonymous.

The Challenge: Selling supplements are restricted on Facebook and we needed to find a way of scaling without having access to many of Facebook’s robust advertising features which limited what ads we could show to potential customers.

The Solution: The client partnered with Engine Scout for both Facebook and Google ad services. By leveraging excellent video ad creatives, we delivered a Facebook ad campaign that achieved exceptional results while being limited from many of Facebook’s ad features.

Client Testimonials

Engine Scout were able to quickly identify sources of poor performance in our campaign and provided detailed guidance on how we can 10x our Facebook Ads ROI. I highly recommend talking to him if you want to improve your results via Facebook ads."
Nathan Murphy
Founder, vagabondbrands.com
Engine Scout are the best paid social media team I've worked with. They have a deep understanding of how Facebook works and what makes a campaign successful. I was able to increase conversions and lower CPA significantly within the first few days of working with them.
David Bell
Co Founder, Previsible
Jonathan is a pro. You can clearly see that after spending just 30 seconds with him. He is able to identify and clearly explain the issues on your website that are hurting your conversion rates, no fluff, he knows what you should be focusing on first and has no problems telling you.
Reggie Black
CEO, Better Way Health

Scale Your Business With Confidence

Facebook is one of the best advertising platforms for scaling your business.

Our team of paid media strategists will help you craft a winning campaign that focuses on new customer acquisition.

If you’re tired of small wins, ads that don’t work or marketing agencies that don’t deliver then drop us a line and have a short call with one of our Facebook marketing experts.

What we do:

Optimised for Profits not empty promises

We’ve run hundreds of Facebook campaigns in Australia and know exactly what works in 2024 when advertising your business on Facebook.

  1. Consolidated Campaign Structures – By leveraging Facebook’s machine learning, we scale your campaign while protecting profit margins resulting in predictable new customer sales.
  2. New Customer Acquisition Experts – Unlike most agencies who rely on remarketing ROAS performance tied to your existing customer base our strategy targets new customer acquisition allowing you to scale confidently.
  3. Themed Ad Campaigns – To stand out on Facebook you need to do things differently. Our creative strategists work with you to craft unique offers and themed ad campaigns to differentiate your brand from the competition, lower CPCs and drive higher ROAS.

Get More Sales With Our Facebook Advertising Services

Engine Scout is a team of professional media buyers and creative ad specialists who work with various brands on both Facebook & Instagram Advertising. We’ve been helping businesses grow on Facebook since 2018.

Our Facebook ads services include:

  1. Campaign Strategy.
  2. Ad creatives & copywriting.
  3. Media buying & account optimisation.
  4. Retargeting warm audiences.
  5. Landing page optimisation.
  6. Performance tracking tied to profit.

We find your best performing ads

We launch dozens of ad creatives to find the top performers. Our ad testing uses data to pick winners, not 'gut feelings'.

Meta Advertising Services

Why Your Brand Should Be Advertising On Facebook

With over 3 billion active monthly Facebook users, Facebook (Meta) is still the king of social media marketing. There is a 100% chance your potential customers are using Facebook and there’s an opportunity for you to get more sales via social media.

From our experience managing ad campaigns we can tell you first hand that Facebook is a highly effective form of online marketing that’s measurable, scalable and cost-effective.

If you’re not already advertising on Facebook or struggling to scale beyond a particular daily ad spend then chat with us today.


Facebook offers some of the most affordable paid advertising available to business owners right now.


Facebook’s machine learning has gotten so good that you can immediately target your ideal customers.


So many people use Facebook making it arguably the most scalable marketing channel for growing brands.

A Full Service facebook ad agency in Australia

Campaign Set up

Setting up your Facebook campaigns, structuring ad groups and how to build these out with your target audiences in mind is a crucial step to success. Take the guesswork away from trying to figure it all out and let us take care of setting up all the technical details.

Bid Optimisation

Do you know what bidding strategies you’ll use when running and scaling social media ads? Using the right bidding techniques can be the difference between losing money and delivering a positive return on investment. We know what works for lead generation and generating more ecommerce store sales.

Dynamic Ads

Facebook advertising has changed a lot recently and one of the most significant changes has been the push for advertisers to take advantage of dynamic ads. With dynamic ads you can test different ad copy and offers quickly to find the top performers.

Pixel Segmentation

The Facebook pixel is critical for success when advertising on Facebook. Our team will ensure it’s set up correctly and segmented to target your most valuable audiences. These include cart abandoners, product viewers, engaged website visitors and powerful lookalike audiences so you can optimise your ads campaign.

Creative Strategy

We work with you to create a creative advertising strategy that results in ads that engage your target audiences and stand out against your competitors. Ad creatives are probably the most significant success factor for social media marketing and we take a data-driven approach to discovering your top-performing ads.

Profit Focused

We don’t measure success by the number of followers and likes we get you. What matters is increasing your revenue and profit margins. All of our marketing efforts are tied directly to your financial outcomes. If you want a successFacebook marketing campaign specifically designed for growth, get in touch today.

How Our Facebook Marketing Services Work

We measure every dollar you spend on Facebook and tie it directly to your brand’s profit margin.


The cost to run ads on Facebook can vary depending on the size of your business and how competitive your industry is. At our Facebook marketing agency, we typically suggest starting with a minimum budget of $100 per day for small businesses and at least $300 for larger companies and ecommerce stores. Our team uses strict cost controls to ensure that your campaign runs with defined targets to prevent overspending and protect your bottom line.

Engine Scout is a specialist ecommerce marketing agency and our social media marketing service offers Facebook ads specifically designed for ecommerce businesses. You can check out our complete guide to ecommerce Facebook ads to see how we run ads for ecomm stores.

The most popular type of ad on Facebook is video ads. Videos are a great way to grab your target audience’s attention and will keep them engaged longer. That said, you shouldn’t discredit other types of ads as they can also be effective. A well-run ad account should include several different ad creatives to test which are the best performers.

Facebook advertising is one of the best marketing channels for finding new customers and nurturing warm leads or people who have shown interest in your business. Facebook advertising creates demand for your products and is one of the best ways to grow a business.

Facebook ad targeting has changed a lot over the last 2 years with Apple’s iOS 14 updates. We recommend keeping your target audience broad for the best results and focusing more on the landing page experience and the ad creatives for optimal results.

We build your own customised dashboard so you can monitor all your results in real-time. No waiting for monthly reports that are impossible to understand.

Request your complimentary Facebook account audit at the bottom of this page and let’s discuss how we can grow your business with Facebook.

On average, you can expect to pay 10-15% of the monthly ad spend to hire a Facebook marketing agency.

Depending on the requirements, some agencies will also offer flat fee pricing between $1,000 – $2,500 per month.

Yes, Facebook is one of the best marketing channels for reaching new customers and advertising to existing customers in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Facebook advertising is a demand-creation marketing channel that allows you to market to new audiences using different angles and offers.

If you want to build brand awareness and increase sales then Facebook marketing should be part of your marketing budget.

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