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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Engine Scout is a boutique Facebook Ad agency that gets real results. 

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What our Facebook Ad Experts do

Engine Scout offers Melbourne’s top Facebook Marketing Service and we’re all about delivering results for your business.

Working with Facebook Ad experts, you’ll get a custom campaign designed specifically to reach your goals through Facebook’s powerful advertising platform.

What you can expect from our Facebook service:

  • Campaign creation and image selection
  • Facebook Ad copy optimisation
  • Pixel Implementation & conversion tracking
  • Custom & Lookalike Audience optimisation
  • Facebook Re targeting
  • A/B Ad split testing
  • Audience Type selection
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Traffic quality improvements

About Our Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook Ad Experience

We understand how important it is to get your Facebook advertising campaign generating sales for your business. Our experienced Facebook marketing team works closely with you to create, manage and optimise your Facebook Ad spend for maximum results.

Facebook Ads Designed For Sales

Our Facebook Ad service is optimised around maximising your return on investment by focusing on sales conversions. When it comes to Facebook advertising, we know that generating sales is most often the number one goal of our clients and that’s what we focus on delivering.

no lock-in contracts

Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to! Forget long-term contracts that locks you in to a terrible service and deliver no results. We offer flexible monthly contracts and work as an extension to your team. Think of us as your on-demand Facebook marketing experts.

Facebook Advertising Strategies That Work

Working with a creative Facebook Ad Agency isn’t enough…

If you want to win with Facebook Ads, you need the right strategy, right content, right audience and be constantly testing and improving your Facebook Ad campaign to get the highest return on investment.

At Engine Scout, we’ve run hundreds of Facebook Ads and our expert team, right here in Melbourne, provides a world class Facebook advertising service for our clients.

How Our Facebook Ad Agency Works

Imagine if we could advertise your business to thousands of people on Facebook who are interested in what you sell. 

Do you think showcasing your business to an extra 500, 5000, or even 500,000 people who want what you offer would bring more business?

The more people who discover your business through Facebook, the more people will call and do business with you.

Industry Analysis: For us to deliver the best SEO service, it’s vital we step back and learn how your industry works, it’s challenges and the typical sales process. This is a step most other SEO agencies won’t make but makes a world of difference when it comes to converting web traffic into sales.

Competitor Study: Every business is unique and yours is no exception. We research your competitors online SEO strategies to get a good understanding of what works in your industry. We then apply this knowledge to build you a custom SEO campaign designed to outperform and beat your competition.

Website Quality Audit: One of the first steps we take in your SEO campaign is to uncover any gaps your website might have. We then action these items to get the ball rolling and moving you towards the top of Google.

Keyword Research: Keyword research forms the foundation of all our client SEO campaigns. We perform an in-depth study to uncover the best keywords for your business and we do this by identifying keywords that deliver sales for you.

On-Page SEO: Improving on-page SEO sets your website up for success. Not only do we improve your site for Google but we also ensure it works for customers visiting your website.

Technical SEO: Technical SEO is an often forgotten pillar that most agencies avoid simply because it’s categorised into the ‘Too Hard Basket’. Our technical SEO expertise sets us apart from 99% of agencies to give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Data Analysis, Benchmarking & Tracking: Before any campaign kicks into full swing, we do a deep dive into your websites traffic performance and bench mark all of the key metrics (website traffic, user behaviour, conversion tracking). By understanding where you’re currently at means we can hold ourselves accountable and to the highest standards. Being 100% transparent about what we do and keeping you informed every step of the way allows us to clearly show your return on investment through hard data and it’s a big reason our clients continue to work with us.

Content Planning: It’s vital we have a strong content strategy in place to build on your sites search presence and to also cast a wider net to increase the amount of traffic visiting your site and funnelling into leads and sales.

Content Creation: Over the last few years, Google has dramatically changed the way in which it ranks websites and most so-called “SEO experts” are yet to catch on. You can’t write a 500 word blog post targeting long-tail keywords and expect it to rank anymore. We work with you to create ‘Content Assets’ which are powerful pieces of content specifically designed for first page rankings.

Link Prospecting: We search the internet far and wide and build up a strong list of high quality link targets fit for your industry. Our link prospecting list serves as our main source of links we’ll be able to tap into throughout the lifetime of your campaign.

Outreach and Brand Exposure: Unlike most agencies, we don’t buy links for generic link farms and mask it as “white hat” instead our team manually reach out to other site owners via email to acquire high quality links back to your site. We employee a variety of methods to do this as it yields the greatest results and targeted brand exposure for your business.

Link Acquisition: Arguably one of the strongest ranking signals used by Google. Backlinks act as a vote of confidence that your website does what it says. Our approach to link building is simple: Quality over Quantity is key. A single link from a reputable website will be worth more than 1000 links from low quality spammy websites.

User Experience Improvements: We address any underlining issues that could be holding your website back from it’s full potential. Although UX isn’t a direct ranking signal it does indirectly affect traffic behaviour metrics such as bounce rate and dwell time which do have an impact.

Landing Page Optimisation: Driving targeted traffic to your website is what SEO is all about but what if that traffic doesn’t like web page? Pretty soon search engines will catch on too and push your site further down. It’s vital we keep enhancing the style and performance of your most important web pages to keep potential customers engaged and your conversions high.

Traffic Quality Improvements: The majority of traffic visiting your website will depend on the keyword research and planning we conducted during the discover phase but things can always be further improved and optimised as more website data come through.

Competitor Watching: Your business is seeing strong growth, but so could your competitors and we need to ensure our finger is always on the pulse and aware of any changes in case we need to make adjustments to your SEO campaign.

Expert Knowledge, Conversions, and Incredible ROI

Laser Targeted Facebook Ads

We’ll quickly identify the top performing traffic, create laser targeted campaigns to deliver you incredible results.

Facebook Ads That Grab Attention

We’ll unleash multiple sales funnels for split testing, identify the top performers and roll out the winning campaigns to achieve massive growth and scale.

Predictable Results

We’ll research, prioritise, and design Facebook ads and landing pages to increase conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition.


Working together means you’ll be on a month-to-month agreement and free to leave at anytime. Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

Not at all, we’ve actually been told we’re a lot more competitive than most Australian based Facebook Ad agencies.

Remember, not every business is suited for Facebook advertising and rest assure, we only work with clients who can get the full potential from running ads on Facebook and if your business isn’t one of them then we’ll advise you of a better alternative.

Our agency prides itself on being completely transparent with you. You’ll have a direct access to your dedicated account manager as well as email support from the whole team. On top of that we’ll send you a detailed, easy to understand Facebook performance report at the end of each month so you’re always on top of your campaigns performance.

No, our pricing is set and we don’t have any hidden fees or lock you into any contracts you can’t get out of.

Our ability to successfully work across a wide range of industries is something we’re extremely proud of, whether you’re relatively new of you’re an established company we know how to deliver the results you expect.

We don’t take a set-and-forget approach to our Facebook advertising campaigns so expect to receive regular updates from us on top of your monthly campaign report.

If you’re ready to grow your business and increase your profits then book your FREE 30-minute strategy session with us today to find out if your website will benefit from Facebook advertising and to calculate the return on investment you can expect.

We’re based locally in Melbourne, Australia and all of our services are handled by our Melbourne based team.

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Engine Scout is a boutique Melbourne Facebook Ad agency that delivers real results and incredible growth. 

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