Facebook Ads Case Study: Supplement Store

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4X ROAS performance on new customer acquisition across the clients paid media spend.

Industry: Online Supplements

What We Did: Facebook advertising and Google Ads services focused on new customer acquisition. As part of the clients overall ecommerce marketing strategy we also consulted on their retention based strategy and increasing customer LTVs.


Google Ads


Facebook Ads

Increased Repeat Orders

Email & SMS Purchases

The Challenge

Facebook restricts what creatives you can use when selling supplements on its platform. We weren’t allowed to run catalogue ads which are some of the most successful ad formats as it allows you to showcase all your products to potential customers on Facebook.

Ad creatives are one of if not the most important element to running a successful Facebook ad campaign and having restrictions placed on what creatives we could use meant we needed to think outside the box and come up with a strategy that allowed us to run Facebook ads without getting the ad account banned.

In addition to the ad creative limitations, we also needed to design an evergreen offer focused on the highest volume and highest margin products. These products were selected and became the focus upon which the ad account was built against.

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What we did

Our ecommerce Facebook ad strategy focused on user-generated content (UGC) ads with a focus on customer testimonials and video reviews.

We ran multiple UGC ads and worked on building up social proof in the form of likes and comments to increase the performance of each UGC ad.

In addition to this we doubled the clients daily ad budget to exit the learning phase and increase the ad performance stability. To prevent cost blowouts we also used cost caps to limit overspending and ensure the client was getting sales at a profitable margin. 

Throughout the campaign we closely tracked costs against sales from paid ads to ensure we kept running ads a a profitable margin each month.

The Results

The client had an immediate increase in new customer sales from Google Shopping ads and Facebook ads.

The client wanted to achieve a return on ad spend (ROAS) target of greater than 2. Engine Scout was able to deliver a combined ROAS of over 4 times across both Facebook & Google Ads.

This was a fantastic result considering the client didn’t have a strategy in place for increasing repeat purchaces.

Engine Scout had suggested the client introduce a subscription model to increase the customer lifetime value which is one of the most important factors to ecommerce success and longevity.

These results are from another Facebook client. For confidentiality reasons we cannot show you the clients ad dashboard.

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