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What Our Google Shopping Experts Do

Google Shopping ads come with their own set of challenges versus typical Google Ads.

We’ve built successful Google Shopping campaigns for dozens of eCommerce stores including both Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and know exactly what it takes to get you more sales on Google.

One thing that sets us apart from 99% of other Google Shopping agencies is the fact we also run a successful eCommerce business and have an intimate understanding of how eCommerce works.

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Ecommerce Case study

The Cello King

The challenge: ‘The Cello King’ was struggling to get any sales or traffic from their online eCommerce store. 

They decided to partner with Engine Scout to help grow their business and within 3 months achieved the following results:


Online ‘organic’ visibility


Increased conversions


Reduced ad spend

The solution: Using a combination of Google Ads, SEO and optimising their online store for conversions, their business experienced a 3X increase in monthly earnings within the first 3 months of working together.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

How do your customers find your eCommerce business?

Yes, they might find you on Facebook or Instagram but… 

9 times out of 10 people jump on their phone or computer and search for the products you sell on Google.

Why should you care?

Because they’re looking for the products you sell, they’re in that ‘ready-to-buy’ mode and if your store shows up when they’re searching, you’ve got a high chance they’ll buy from you.

And that’s why Google Shopping ads are so powerful. It puts your products in front of ready-to-buy customers.

Browsing products with Google Shopping ads

Would you like your inbox filled with Customer Orders?

We’re a Google Shopping agency that loves helping eCommerce store owners succeed online.

We create smart shopping campaigns that put your store at the top of Google to deliver targeted traffic that converts into sales for your store.

If you’d like to have your inbox filled with sales notifications being generated on auto pilot then what are you waiting for?

Book your free 30-minute strategy session with us today.

About Our Google Shopping Service

Online shopping is a trillion-dollar industry with an estimated 1.8 billion shoppers globally! This growth is only set to continue as people become more familiar with online purchases, the need for contactless payments and the convenience of delivered straight to your door. With our Google Shopping management, we can get your store in front of targeted customers right away and our systematic approach ensures we set your campaign up for success.

Online Market Analysis: For us to deliver predictable results with Google Shopping Ads, it’s critical we understand how you operate within the overall market eco-system. We analyse your stores biggest challenges, your target customers and the typical sales process. Early-stage planning means we’re able to fast-track your results to deliver inbound clicks and sales around the clock.

Competitor Landscape: We carefully analyse the competition online to understand their strengths and strategies when it comes to Google Shopping ads for acquiring customers. We then put together a detailed plan to beat them through engaging ads, smart bidding tactics and remarketing.

eCommerce Quality Audit: There’s no point putting a Ferrari engine inside of a Hyundai, for starters it won’t fit, and there’s no way it’ll perform at the level required to dominate. Our website quality audit carefully reviews your eCommerce store and gives us a deep understanding of your site’s health. Using this information we’re able to build out a clear road map to quickly fix any conversion roadblocks holding your site back from increased sales.

Keyword Research & Mapping: Arguably the most critical step when beginning any new Google Ads campaign is keyword research. Keyword research can be the difference between success and failure for your online store so it’s important to get this right. We take a data-first approach to identify ‘money keywords’ that demonstrate buyer intent to deliver quality traffic. During this phase we also map each keyword to the correct pages on your site and identify any potential keyword gaps to fill.

Merchant Centre Setup: We set-up and optimised merchant centre feed with detailed product specifications to improve click-through results, Ad visibility and set up surfaces across Google to maximise product visibility online. The feed is a crucial element to running a successful Google Shopping campaign and we make sure all the elements are added to get results.

Google Ads Setup: Our team will set up your Google ads account and make sure it is optimised to the highest technical standards for driving targeted traffic to your website. 

Conversion Tracking Setup: It’s vital we have a strong conversion tracking system in place. There’s a lot of money to made with eCommerce and it’s a massively growing market but to make sure your store leads the way, it has to accommodate easy and fast transactions, engaging customer journeys and most importantly have strong trust signals in place.

Scaling PPC Budgets: Over time, your Google shopping campaign should improve if it’s been managed properly. Once we’ve achieved excellent results, it’s all about scaling your PPC budget to capture a wider share of your market. This could be through adding new products to your Shopping campaign, expanding to search based text ads or introducing display ads. We take a data-driven approach to determine the best growth strategy for your PPC campaign.

Campaign Refinement: As your shopping campaign matures, we’ll be able to analyze the data coming through to refine your campaign in a way that maximizes the number of sales while spending less money to generate a sale. This is something we’ve refined through our experience of working on dozens of eCommerce PPC campaigns across a wide variety of industries.

Why work with us?

Genuine Service

We take the time to understand your brand, products and business goals to tailor the right Google Shopping campaign. Are friendly team are always happy to share advice and work with you to deliver a top Google Shopping Service. 


Ecommerce Experts

We run our own successful eCommerce business and this has giving us a better understanding of eCommerce than 99% of other agencies. When you partner with us you’re partnering with real industry experts.

no lock-in contracts

Forget 12-month contracts that lock you in to a terrible service you’ll later regret. Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to. We offer flexible monthly contracts and work hard to deliver you a return on investment.

Melbourne Locals

Engine Scout is proud to be based in Melbourne, Australia and we’re only a phone call away to discuss your campaign, answer any questions you may have about Google shopping and support you as you continue to grow your eCommerce business. 


Yes, Google Shopping ads are one of the most effective ways to generate sales and web traffic for your online store. You have complete control over which products you’d like to sell and through managing your Shopping feed correctly, you can easily target buyers looking for the exact products you sell online.

Working with a specialised Google Shopping management agency will save you a lot of time and headaches because they know how to create and set up your campaign, optimise your product feeds and improve website conversions. Without a Google Shopping expert, you run the risk of overspending and not generating any sales for your business!

Google Shopping management usually costs between 10-15% of your monthly Ad spend. For example, if you spend $30 per day on Google Shopping, then the management fee would be an additional $3 (10%) for that day.

Yes! Google Shopping Ads can work for any ecommerce business in any industry. Regardless of your store’s size, we can craft a tailored Google Shopping campaign to help generate more traffic and sales for your business.

We can get your Shopping ads up and running in less than 2 weeks time if you’d like. Schedule a complimentary strategy call with one of our Google Ades experts to discuss your goals today.

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