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For when you need high-quality backlinks that Google trusts. Engine Scout builds legitimate links from real websites to power your website and push you ahead of the competition. 

Our team is here to help you drive your business forward. Our team can contribute to your strategy meetings with your internal marketing team and become a trusted partner to your business.

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What Is Link Building?

Link building is a process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites pointing back to yours. You can think of links as ‘votes’ and just like a political campaign, the candidate (website) with the most votes gets elected to the top of Google.

Link building is the #1 ranking factor Google uses to rank websites on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and it’s an important part of any successful SEO campaign. High-quality backlinks are super powerful for building your website’s authority and driving more traffic to your site. When combined with technical SEO, excellent content and user experience, it can bring exceptional results to your website and business. 

Link building or ‘link earning’ can be executed as a stand-alone off-page SEO strategy if you’re already working on your own SEO but don’t have the capability to execute an effective link building campaign. It can also be run as part of our SEO services

If you’re building a long term business, focusing on relevant and high-quality links is more important than ever before. Stay away from quick spammy techniques, private blog networks or anyone selling links directly as it can damage your success. Our team can help guide you through the maze of link building strategies and earn you evergreen, sustainable links to your website. 

What Makes A High Quality Backlink?

For links to truly have an impact, you need to be earning backlinks that meet all 3 of these criteria and it’s this critical factor where most link builders fall short. Engine Scout works to build you links that are authoritative, relevant to your industry and from high traffic websites.

1. Authority

Google knows and trusts sites that have an established brand and powerful backlink profile. Earning links from much larger websites that have established themselves is one of the most important success factors.

2. Relevancy

Earning links from websites closely related to your industry is another top signal that Google considers. Earning links from blogs that cover your industry and even competitor websites is key.

3. Traffic

Traffic is another strong signal of the quality of a backlink. If people are clicking on the link and visiting your site not only brings in another referral traffic source, it also sends a strong signal to Google.

Our SEO Technology Stack

Don't Risk A Google Penalty

Unfortunately, if link building is executed poorly it can jeopardize your SEO success and even worse, your website can receive a manual penalty from Google’s link review team and disappear from Google search completely. For this reason, high-quality link building is essential for the sustained success and growth of your website and business.

How We Earn Links For You

After years of experience, practice and hundreds of hours of testing, Engine Scout have developed an effective link building process that we offer as a service for clients who want exceptional results.

Our process is a combination of various techniques so that we can customise and improvise for each client. Our capability includes not only link building but also delivering creative Digital PR campaigns to increase your link profile. 

Before we start any link building campaign we will conduct a thorough analysis of your business, assess the market, perform competitor research and complete a link audit of your website. This will allow us to create a strategy on how we will be tackling the campaign.

Our Link Building is effective, efficient, sustainable and utilising only ethical tactics including the skyscraper technique, high-quality guest posts and digital PR to ensure your website will not get penalized by Google. We do not buy links or utilise old-school strategies – this is not our jam. We pride ourselves on building clean, evergreen links that produce fantastic results for our clients.

What's included in our Link Building Campaign?

Every campaign is different and we customise each solution for your business. We can offer the following: 

  • Link Audits 
  • Competitors Benchmarking & Reporting
  • Link building content assets
  • Link Building strategy creation
  • Full Link Building Campaign Management
  • Digital PR
  • Research-based content assets

Why Work With Engine Scout?

Link Building Experts

With years of experience and hundreds of hours of testing and practising, we can say that we have developed a strong capability and are able to execute exceptional results for your link building campaign no matter the size.

Transparent Service

We don’t have anything to hide. You will always know what is happening with your campaign and what we are working on each month. We keep you up to date and informed at all times during your campaign.

No Lock-In Contracts

Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to! Forget 12-month contracts that lock you into a terrible service that delivers no results. We offer flexible monthly contracts and work as an extension to your business.


Our digital marketing approach is to strive for excellence through determination, hard work and persistence to deliver truly great results for our clients. We don’t cut corners – this is not our jam.

Our Results

We’ve delivered numerous successful link building campaigns across a wide range of industries, we can proudly say that we are true experts in this field and can help you achieve the same.


Whether you need a small campaign or a large link building strategy we can customise a solution for your needs. If you don’t know what is needed – we are happy to help you by assessing and auditing your website and advise you on what needs to be done to achieve great results. 

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