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Link Building Case Study

Earning 30+ high-quality backlinks to support organic traffic growth.

Key Admin is a leading bookkeeping and payroll service for businesses in Australia.

Key Admin partnered with Engine Scout to help increase their online visibility and generate more leads through their website. We suggested that our local SEO service was best and as part of the campaign, we embarked on a 5-month-long link building campaign that resulted in over 30 backlinks to their website.

As further proof of our work, Key Admin remain a client of ours today and have been partnering with Engine Scout for almost 4 years.

How We Earn High Quality Backlinks

After years of practice and hundreds of hours testing every link building strategy known to mankind. Engine Scout has developed an effective link building process that delivers the highest quality backlinks to power your website rankings.

We avoid websites that:

  • are link farms
  • have zero traffic
  • artificially inflate PageRank via redirects
  • contain a ‘write for us’ or accept guest posts
  • have received a Google penalty
  • are based in high spam geographic regions

Our link building service is focused on quality over quantity. 1 high-quality backlink is worth 1000 low-quality backlinks and our focus is on quality above all else.

Our SEO Technology Stack

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites that point back to your site. You can think of links as ‘votes’ of confidence with Google. Usually, the most votes earn you the highest rankings but you also need these links to be of high quality.

Link building is the #1 ranking factor Google uses to rank websites on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and it’s an important part of any successful SEO strategy. When combined with technical SEO, excellent content and conversion rate optimisation, it can deliver exceptional results to your website and business. 

Link building or ‘link earning’ can be executed as a stand-alone service but we always recommend to our clients to invest in our SEO service for best results.

If you’re building a long-term business, focusing on relevant and high-quality links is more important than ever. Please stay away from quick spammy techniques, private blog networks or anyone selling links directly as it can damage your success. Our team can help guide you through the maze of link-building strategies and earn you evergreen, sustainable links for your website. 

Link Building

What Makes A Backlink High Quality?

Backlinks that have a positive impact and increase your website rankings all share similar qualities that define them as high quality. These signals include authority, relevancy and coming from high-traffic websites.




1. Website Authority

Google knows and trusts sites that have an established brand and powerful backlink profile. Earning links from much larger websites that have established themselves is one of the most important success factors.

At Engine Scout we carefully review every website to ensure their authority is warranted as even this metric can be gamed by spammers.

2. Link Relevancy

Earning links from websites closely related to your industry or niche is another important signal that Google considers for evaluating the importance of different backlinks. Earning backlinks from websites that are related to your industry carries more weight and will yield better results.

For example: If you sell gardening products online. A backlink from a gardening blog is more relevant than a backlink from a general news website and you’ll see better results from the gardening blog due to being more relevant to your website.

3. Website Traffic

Traffic is another strong signal of the quality of a backlink. If people click on the link and visit your site, it not only brings in another referral traffic source, but it also sends a strong signal to Google.

You want to earn links from sites that generate a lot of traffic. While this metric is not as important as the first two, we still target high-traffic websites.

Don't Risk A Google Penalty

There are a lot of providers in the market offering ‘high quality’ links but 90% of the time these are private blog networks (PBNs), link farms or link insertions that put you in the crosshairs of Google’s manual action penalty team. These types of links are easy to acquire and are often part of ‘bad neighbourhoods’. They are either ignored by Google or worse get you in trouble with a manual link penalty.

We have a lot of experience building links and can easily spot PBN websites which often look like real websites.

Securing unique link placements from real websites makes it harder for your competitors to copy your strategy as these links are not but of mass-produced link farms and they’re much more powerful for ranking at the top of Google.

Our Link Building Services

Linkable Asset Creation

Building high-quality backlinks requires at least one ‘linkable asset’. This is typically a long-form blog post, data-driven study or newsworthy piece of content. Here is an example of a data-driven study we used to build links for reference.

Link Audits

We crawl your old website and take a snapshot of its current organic traffic and link profile. It’s important to audit the current backlinks pointing to your site, the anchor text and link velocity to ensure that off-page SEO is in fact the biggest issue for your site.

Internal Link Strategy

Internal linking or ‘page sculpting’ as we call it helps maximise the value of every external backlink pointing to your site. We assist you with how to best utilise internal links and what anchor texts to use to help surface your most important pages.

Link Prospecting

One of the most important steps to building high-quality backlinks is building a ‘prospect list’ of potential websites. This list should include relevant websites and ‘dream websites’ you’d love links from. Our team puts together prospect lists in preparation for manual outreach.

Email Outreach

Having run dozens of email outreach campaigns we know what to write to get the most responses. Email outreach for links is a pure numbers game and our internal process handles this and lets you know as soon as any successful links have landed.

Live Link Tracking

All links we secure for you our shared with you via a secure dashboard. You’ll know how successful our campaign is as new links begin landing in the live link dashboard!

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