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Our SEO Technology Stack

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At Engine Scout, we take a 100% results focused approach to your SEO strategy and specialise in crafting SEO campaings that deliver more traffic, leads and sales for your business, right here in Melbourne.

We work on a variety of campaigns from local eCommerce, multi location and established local businesses. You can view out some of our client case studies here

We have many years of experience working in the digital space and can guide you through the complex maze and help you succeed with SEO. 

Your Local Search Marketing Team

Based in Hawthorn East, Engine Scout will create a customised SEO campaign that’s right for you.

Our team will come up with the right strategy to optimise your website and increase rankings, web traffic, leads and sales for long term results.

What you can expect from our local SEO service:

Discover How Our Clients Drive More Revenue

Online Printing Store

Plan Paper generated 2500% more online sales with Engine Scout

Online Makeup Store

Sapphire recovered 90% of their organic traffic & sales with Engine Scout

Online Packaging Store

The Cello King generated 646% more online sales with Engine Scout

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Rank #1 On Google

Measurable Results

Our service goes beyond ‘more traffic’. Instead, we focus on getting you leads & sales by targeting valuable keywords that deliver more enquiries and online sales for your business. We place emphasis on local keywords and optimising your Google My Business profile to gain maximum exposure across map listings and your local area with a focus on acquiring local customers.

Total Transparency

At Engine Scout, we keep you up to date and informed on the performance of your website through easy to understand monthly reports and real-time keyword tracking.

Monthly Reporting & On-going Support

The team at Engine Scout understands how busy you get running your business. We’re here to help whenever you have a question, need marketing advice or would like to discuss future growth plans. Our monthly reporting will also make it easy for you to get a quick overview of how your campaign is performing using easy to understand key performance indicators.

What is SEO marketing?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it’s commonly known is the process of ranking your businesses website at the top of search engines including Google, Bing & Duck Duck Go.

For example: A Dentist in Hawthorn would hire a SEO company to get their website to appear at the top of Google whenever someone in Hawthorn or the surrounding suburbs searches for ‘dentist near me’ or ‘best dentist in Hawthorn’.

The same methodology as the example above applies to any local business in Melbourne and it’s one of the most successful marketing strategies because customers are actively searching for the products and services your business offers.

Will SEO work for your business?

Does your business meet any of the following criteria below?

Criteria #1: Whenever a customer is looking for a product or service you offer locally, how do they find you? Would they use their computer or smartphone to find your service via Google or another search engine? If the answer is yes, then SEO should be a top priority for you.

Criteria #2: If you do a quick Google search for any of the products or services your business offers, do you notice any of your competitors appearing on Google? If the answer is yes, then local SEO should be a top priority for you.

Why Work With Engine Scout?

Your Success Matters

We understand how important sales and revenue are for your business. It’s why our digital marketing services are focused on results that deliver a return on investment. Our strategy focuses on increasing leads & sales for you. Our number one goal is to drive more leads and sales enquiries for the local area that your business serves.

Results Driven Growth

A lot of agencies guarantee results as a sales tactic to win you over. There are no guarantees and promises of more traffic a meaningless if it doesn’t convert into sales. At Engine Scout, we focus on driving traffic that generates sales, not fancy traffic metrics.

No lock-in contracts

Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to! Forget 12-month contracts that lock you into a terrible service that delivers no results. We offer flexible monthly contracts and work as an extension to your business.

Ethical Digital Marketing

There are a lot of companies that will use spammy techniques that can get your business blacklisted by Google. It’s easy to tell because they offer low prices to lure unsuspecting business owners in to only later get burned. At Engine Scout, we offer ethical services to protect you from penalties.

Return On Investment

Our SEO follows Googles best practices to make sure we deliver long-term, sustainable results for years to come. At Engine Scout, we care about your success and understand just how important it is to provide you with a consistent stream of high-quality leads and sales over the long term to deliver an excellent return on investment.

Measurable SEO Returns

There are a lot of SEO companies out there who offer cheap prices and deliver little results. Have you ever heard the saying “You get what you pay for?” Well, it’s almost always true for any product or service and with SEO, it’s no different. Search engine optimisation is one of the best online marketing strategies for long term results. 


To help you make an informed decision about which SEO company in Melbourne you should choose. Here are some common questions clients ask us about our local SEO services.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Get in touch with us today and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you.

Engine Scout was recently announced as a finalist for the best SEO campaign in 2020 at the SEMRush Search Awards. This was voted by a panel of esteemed industry leaders and SEO experts from Australia, as well as international judges within the search industry. It was a fantastic achievement by our leading team of SEO experts and placed us as one of the top SEO companies in not only Melbourne but Australia wide.

A well planned and executed local SEO campaign is one of the best ways for increasing your websites online presence. At Engine Scout, we work with you to understand your business goals, both short and long term and put together a campaign that works for you. Our local SEO service includes tracking performance through a combination of data analytics and traffic behaviour analysis to achieve maximum online growth for your website.

Link building is one of the most important factors when it comes to achieving success with SEO. Unfortunately, a lot of agencies employ link building tactics that go against Google’s guidelines and put your website at risk of a Google penalty. At Engine Scout, link building is done by humans and for humans, not robots. We start by creating an amazing piece of content on your site we call a ‘Power Page’. Power pages are strategic content pieces engineered to attract a lot of high quality, relevant links back to your website. This strategy might not sound like much, but it’s in fact, one of the most potent weapons we have in our arsenal and it sets us apart from 99% of other agencies out there. Using our power page technique, your competitors won’t come close to competing against you unless they know how to execute this strategy too.

Before working together, our team will conduct a detailed review of your website and competition to determine if SEO is the right online marketing channel for you. If we think it’s not the right fit, then we’ll tell you before working together and give you an accurate estimate of the time-frame needed to achieve results. SEO is a long-term growth strategy and it’s for people who are serious about growing a sustainable and successful business for years to come. If you’re looking for a short term, low-cost marketing strategy in the hope of striking it lucky, then SEO is not for you.

We work with either established businesses generating at least $200,000 in revenue per year and funded start-ups. If you’re launching a brand new business and have a small marketing budget, then we recommend Google Ads because it requires less upfront investment and can start generating leads faster. As your revenue grows you can then invest in local search marketing.

There are over 200 ranking factors used by Google to rank websites and each varies slightly in how much they influence your website’s rankings. Google’s algorithm is both complex and dynamic, which can make it challenging to get the results you want. At Engine Scout, we’ve achieved outstanding results for our clients across a wide range of industries and locations. Whether you have an eCommerce store, local business, national brand or international company, we have the expertise and experience to achieve fantastic results.

The cost of SEO varies depending on several factors from how competitive your industry is, the age of your website and whether you’ve had any SEO work performed in the past. SEO should be considered an investment instead of a cost because when it’s done right, it will produce additional revenue for your business. Some of our client’s entire business comes strictly from SEO and ranking at the top of Google; that’s how valuable it can be. SEO should be considered an integral part of any marketing budget.

We’re eCommerce SEO experts having built multiple eCommerce stores ourselves and understand the eCommerce business model exceptionally well. We know the exact blueprint for generating more traffic and sales to your store through a combination of SEO, PPC, SMM and CRO.

Engine Scout is a boutique agency with currently 5 team members split across Google ads management, content marketing and SEO.

Our office is located in Hawthorn East. If you’d like to visit then give us a call and we’d be happy to set up a face to face meeting to discuss your digital marketing needs.

Yes, Engine Scout offers both Google ads management and social media marketing services for Facebook and Instagram.

The time it takes to see more traffic, leads & sales vary depending on the current state of your website and how competitive your market is. For brand new websites, it usually takes a minimum of 12 months to see results and for established sites, it can be as quick as 3 months.

We offer monthly contracts, so you’re not locked in and can leave with as little as 30 days notice. Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to!

Offering a guarantee of rankings not only goes against Google’s guidelines, but no marketing agency has control over this and offering a guarantee is not being honest with you.

There are a lot of people who will claim they ‘know SEO’ or ‘how to rank websites’ and often come with a cheap price tag or it sounds too good to be true. This often leads to you being disillusioned with SEO as a scam or forming the belief that it doesn’t work. SEO is one of the best, long-term and cost-effective digital marketing strategies available and you should dedicate some of your marketing spend on SEO as it will produce sustained conversions for years to come.

Engine Scout takes a consultative approach to SEO and each month you’ll receive a report on the work completed by us, detailed observations about your website traffic and any other important updates related to your website and online competitors. Our monthly reports are easy to understand and includes data that makes sense. In addition to monthly reports, we have a dedicated support channel so you can get in contact with us about your campaign or any important changes to your business whenever you need to. Our team is always happy to help and answer any question you might have about your website or digital marketing in general.

Getting started with us is easy. Simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page or give us a call. We’ll then arrange a meeting with you to discuss your goals, review your website and formulate the best SEO strategy for your website. We then send you a proposal for review and once you accept we get started right away.

Book A Strategy Session

This includes an assessment of your business website and a free consultation.