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“Work so far over the past 10 months has been excellent with our inquiries boosting to a good level. Thank you for your SEO work guys, our numbers have increased dramatically and hope to keep the trend going.”

Julie Bryan

Owner – Sapphire Make Up & Hair

Web Migration Recovery Story

Recovering 100% organic traffic losses for Australia’s Top Make Up & Hair Company

Sapphire make-up & hair is Australia’s leading mobile hair and makeup studio with locations across most of Australia’s capital cities. In addition to this, they also run a successful ecommerce store selling various hair & make-up products.

They employed the services of a web design firm to refresh and update the existing design and functionality of their site. Unfortunately, the web agency didn’t factor in SEO and the impact their changes would have on Sapphire’s organic traffic. Launching the new website resulted in a loss of almost 100% of organic traffic and Sapphire’s business.

Sapphire partnered with Engine Scout to help resolve their issue and within 3 months, we were able to recover almost all of the lost traffic. Sapphire is still working with us 12 months later and we continue to grow their traffic with our SEO services.

Website Migration Case Study #2

MachShip approached Engine Scout to assist with migrating their website to a new domain. The goal was to preserve the site’s existing traffic and SEO equity from the old site to the new.

Industry: B2B SaaS

What We Did: Web Migration, SEO & Google Ad Services

About Our Web Migration Services

Https Migrations

Using an SSL certificate on your site will not only help with SEO, but also lets customers know your site is safe and secure. As part of our migration services, we ensure your new site has an SSL certificate set up correctly.

Benchmark & Tracking

We crawl your old website and take a snapshot of its current organic traffic pre-migration. This ensures we can measure and track any organic traffic changes post-migration. It also helps mitigate any unexpected changes as we can quickly identify the problem and provide a solution.

URL Redirects

Website migrations often lead to new URL structures so it’s vital we ensure all URL’s are redirected to the correct new pages on your site. Our redirection mapping document will outline our recommendations including handling of any redirect chains. 

Site Structure Optimisation

Web migrations present a great opportunity to improve the website’s structure which can lead to better performance and increased ranking post-migration. Being technical SEO specialists, we can recommend the optimal site structure for added value to your migration project. 

Project Planning

From pre to post-migration, Engine Scout will provide you with the best advice on how to not only preserve your existing organic traffic but also how to leverage this time to improve on the old and look to increase traffic through a series of technical SEO recommendations.

SEO Migration Services

Our team follows SEO best practices to preserve your site’s traffic during the website migration process. We understand the technical implications that impact your organic traffic and take extra precautions to minimise the risk of lost traffic and rankings.

Don't Lose Traffic With Our Website Migration Services

Risk Free Website Migration Services

Our SEO professionals deeply understand what makes your site tick and will ensure minimum traffic loss during your site migration.

100% Client Success Rate

We’ve handled 30+ web migrations and have also been involved in recovering traffic lost during a botched web migration due to many web designers not understanding SEO and how it works. Your website is in safe hands when you hire us.

Local Experts

Engine Scout is based in Melbourne, Australia and our team is made up of web design and SEO experts who will ensure your website is migrated successfully. Whether you’re changing domains or re-structuring your website our team can provide the expertise to ensure you protect your website trafic.

Website Migration Services

Why SEO Matters for Website Migrations?

On average, website migration projects that don’t factor in SEO experience a 40% drop in organic traffic. Can you afford to lose this much traffic? How will a 40% or more drop in traffic impact your businesses bottom line? Don’t risk it! Our SEO migration services are tailored to meet your goals and ensure a smooth transition to your new CMS platform or re-brand.

Prevent Traffic Losses

Stop Revenue Losses

Migrate without Stress

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