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Based in Melbourne, Australia, Engine Scout is a boutique WordPress web designer & developer that crafts mobile-friendly, fast WordPress websites.

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A professionally designed WordPress website can become your #1 salesperson working 24/7 around the clock. WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms for building a high quality website that leaves a positive impression on new potential customers.

Businesses that don’t factor in good web design and user experience will generate less business from their website. Can you afford to lose sales just because your competitors have a nicer-looking website?

Lightning Fast

Custom Design

Mobile Friendly

Fast + Custom Designed WordPress Websites

At Engine Scout, we build lightning-fast websites designed to capture your customer’s attention quickly.

We can build a custom solution to meet your business needs. Whether you require an eCommerce website or a local business website our developers are here to help you.

About our website design abilities:

Responsive Web Design

More than 50% of people browse the internet using their mobile phone.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive then you’re missing out on half of your potential customers and hurting your Google rankings at the same time.

That’s reason enough to make sure your website works perfectly on desktop computers, mobiles, laptops, tablets and any other device.

Websites That Rank On Google

How do customers find you online?

While a flashy new website is super important in today’s online world, you need to make sure your potential customers can find it online!

In addition to our website design capabilities, Engine Scout is a full-service digital agency and SEO experts who know how to rank your website at the top of Google so customers can easily find you online.

Getting your website built by Melbourne’s top web design agency who knows how to rank on Google is important.

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We build creative, modern WordPress websites and we love to work with clients across different industries.

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WordPress FAQ's

WordPress is a free (open-source) software you can use to build highly-responsive websites. Originally WordPress started as a content management system (CMS) for bloggers, but it has now evolved into a complete solution for web design and development, including eCommerce web development. We choose WordPress as our preferred web design platform of choice because of its ability to design customisable, mobile responsive websites that are SEO-friendly.

34% of all websites on the internet are built using WordPress CMS. It’s one of the most popular web design platforms because it allows for complete customisation, responsive design and is SEO friendly, meaning your website can show up on search engines like Google.

There are 2 phases to the cost of building a website.
1. Web design phase – Wireframe mockups are created and the initial design is created.

2. Web development phase – this is the implementation side where we bring the design to life and your site is launched.

Typical costs start from $5,000 which includes both design and development but if you’re requiring a complex solution then these costs can rise.

If you need any help or have more questions, our team is here to help and are happy to point you in the right direction. Please feel free to give us a call.

Building a website can take as little as 2 weeks to complete or can take up to 6 months depending on how complicated your project is, and how many web pages you require. Generally speaking, most websites take about 8-12 weeks to build.

Websites will work for any business in any industry. Whether you need a new website for a small business, large company or an eCommerce store, having an online presence with a professional website is more important than ever.

Web hosting is a service that houses or stores your website on what’s called a ‘server’ which is just a dedicated computer built to hold websites.

Your website is a collection of different files and those files need to be stored somewhere and that’s where a web host provider comes in.

Please note web hosting services can vary in quality dramatically so if you’re not sure what web host is right for you, please get in touch and we can help you choose the right hosting company for your needs.

If you’re ready to get an online presence for your business or help with your next project, schedule a FREE 30-minute phone chat with one of our friendly, Melbourne based web experts. On the call, we will discuss your web design needs, offer practical advice that makes sense and point you in the right direction with your website.

Ready To Build Something Special?

We build creative and modern websites and we love to work with clients across many different industries.