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Online Printing Store

Plan Paper generated 2500% more online sales with Engine Scout

Online Makeup Store

Sapphire recovered 90% of their organic traffic & sales with Engine Scout

Online Packaging Store

The Cello King generated 646% more online sales with Engine Scout

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An Ecommerce Marketing Agency for Ecommerce Businesses by Ecommerce Owners

We know ecommerce better than your average agency, we’ve built our own successful ecommerce business from scratch.

What started off as a test project for learning and practising the latest ecommerce marketing strategies, grew into a passion (and a real business).

We have learned what makes a difference in the business – and understand the nuances of merchandising, email marketing, social media, promotions, and content marketing — all while ensuring you’re maintaining your minimum margins for continued growth.

This has given us a strategic advantage over our competitors and it’s the main driver behind what makes us so damned good at ecommerce marketing — we love it.

Our focus is on delivering a positive return on investment for you. Using blended organic and paid traffic while focusing on ecommerce merchandising and conversion rate optimisation to deliver exceptional results.


Looking for an SEO agency who clearly articulates the entire process, helps to cut through the fluff and straight-talks you through the solution? From my own personal experience, I’d recommend Engine Scout. Partnering with a consultant who does what they say and delivers a service like it’s for their own business is like discovering gold. This is exactly my experience in Engine Scout.
Karine O'Donnell
Director, Projecting with People
Engine Scout have been amazing with helping me to grow my ecommerce business. I needed their help increasing my stores visibility online and since working with them, my store sales have easily doubled over the past 12 months and its growing bigger every month.
Super happy with these guys and love that they make everything easy.
Julie Bryan
Owner, Sapphire Make up & Hair

Build Your Ecommerce Growth​ Engine

If you’re looking for an Australian ecommerce marketing agency to cut through the noise we can help you:

  • Increase targeted traffic
  • Improve brand visibility
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Raise Average Order Values
  • Enhance shopping experience
  • Optimise ecommerce merchandising

Why Us?

At Engine Scout, we take a holistic approach to ecommerce marketing.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach and carefully consider the nuances unique to your business. Our digital marketing is customised and built for your ecommerce website.

Ethical & transparent

Honesty and transparency are at the heart of everything we do. You’ll know what we’re working on at all times with access to your live growth dashboard.

Ecommerce Experience

Owning our own ecommerce store and having worked with numerous eCommerce businesses across Shopify, Woocommerce & Magento gives us the ability to short-cut wasted time and focus on pulling the right growth levers.

Ruthlessly Focused

Engine Scout works with ecommerce stores, hires ecommerce experts and continues to sharpen our eCommerce knowledge to stay ahead.

Multichannel Expertise

Growth Strategy

Every successful marketing campaign begins with a well-planned advertising strategy tied to specific goals.

Ecommerce SEO

90% of people using the internet start with Google. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the secret sauce to getting you found online.

Ecommerce PPC

Reach your shoppers instantly with our strategic PPC campaigns. We craft shopping ads to reach your customers at each stage of their shopping journey.


Improving conversion rates & AOV's is a no brainer. Even 0.5% increases can means thousands of additial revenue & sales. We help you get there with our in-depth CRO audits.

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