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Reach New Customers With Google Display Advertising

Google display advertising is a powerful and cost-effective marketing channel for growing your business.

The Google display network and its powerful targeting features allow you to pinpoint new customers and retarget warm leads to generate new sales.

Why run Google Display Ads?

  • Increase website trffic
  • Generate more sales
  • Target new customers

Get The Best Results From Google Display Ads

Here are some results we’ve delivered for our clients with our Google Advertising Services.

Let us help you grow your business with Google Ads.

Client Case Studies

B2B SaaS

MachShip doubled their organic traffic & leads with Engine Scout

Online Printing Store

Plan Paper generated 2500% more online sales with Engine Scout

Online Makeup Store

Sapphire recovered 90% of their organic traffic & sales with Engine Scout

Online Packaging Store

The Cello King generated 646% more online sales with Engine Scout

google Display Advertising Agency

5 keys to success with Google Display Ads

Successful Google Display Ads services will help you scale your business by generating more brand awareness, leads and sales.

1. Ad structure & Strategy

To create a successful display advertising campaign you need a strategy designed around your business goals. At Engine Scout we look at which display networks to use, and identify the right publishers and the best offers to reach your potential customers.

2. Creative Advertising

Stong ad creatives are one of the most important aspects to display advertising success. From crafting an offer that attracts the right customers to display ad designs that catch the eye. Engine Scout works with you to create compelling ad creatives that stand out and drive real results.

3. Audience Targeting

There are so many display networks and different publishers that it’s easy to get caught wasting budget on people not interested in your offer. Engine Scout carefully selects the right mediums to showcase your business where your audience hangs out online.

4. Testing & Optimising

Once your campaign strategy is in place we focus on optimising and testing different offers to generate leads & sales for you. Our experienced team quickly determine what ads and offers resonate with your audience so you can scale up and maximise the results from your online marketing.

5. Conversion Optimisation

Engine Scout will set up UTM parameters and track conversions so you’ll know exactly how the campaign is performing in terms of revenue generated. Our team are conversion rate optimisation specialists and will not only optimise the ads but also help you create a great landing page experience for potential customers once they visit your website.

A Full Service Google Ads Agency

Search Ads

Google search ads are great for lead generation campaigns as you can control what keywords to target and build a highly effective campaign while controlling your ad spend.

Shopping Ads

Our Google Shopping Agency strongly suggest Google Shopping ads if you run an ecommerce business. These ads allow you to advertise your entire product catalogue or focus on your highest-priority products.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Advertising can be great for building brand awareness and for generating sales. Like all ad campaigns, having great creatives makes all the difference.


Remarketing ads allow you to target people who have previously visited your website. They’re one of the most effective types of paid ads you can run. Talk with a Google remarketing agency to see if these ads are right for you.

How we get you results with Google Display Ads

At Engine Scout, we focus on performance-based advertising that ties ad spending to your profit margin.

Our experienced paid media specialists and creative strategists will help you to:

Set up your ad account and audit existing data

Each project begins with setting up your account, designing your offer and crafting eye-catching ads. Suppose you already have an existing Google ad account. In that case, our team will audit the current ads and provide recommendations on improving negative keywords, account structure, bidding strategies and ad creatives.

A dedicated paid media strategist

You’ll work with a Google ads media buyer to optimise and improve your paid ads strategy to align with your business goals.

Google Analytics 4 set up & Conversion Tracking

Our team will ensure Google Analytics 4 is correctly set up and conversions are being recorded to measure the overall performance of your display campaign. 


Engine Scout have been amazing with helping me to grow my ecommerce business. I needed their help increasing my stores visibility online and since working with them, my store sales have easily doubled over the past 12 months and its growing bigger every month.
Super happy with these guys and love that they make everything easy.
Julie Bryan
Owner, Sapphire Make up & Hair
Looking for an agency who clearly articulates the entire process, helps to cut through the fluff and straight-talks you through the solution? From my own personal experience, I’d recommend Engine Scout. Partnering with a consultant who does what they say and delivers a service like it’s for their own business is like discovering gold. This is exactly my experience in Engine Scout.
Karine O'Donnell
Director, Projecting with People

How do google display ads work?

Google Display Ads are a form of online advertising that enable you to display ads across a vast network of websites. You can also tap into Google’s powerful targeting features to only shows ads on a website that your potential customers visit.

Most display networks use an auction-based system where the best ads are rewarded with better results and lower costs.

Display ads are a great way to get your business in front of new customers based on where they hang out online.

Google Display Ads FAQ's

When you advertise with Google Display Ads you’re gaining access to the ‘Google Display Network‘ which is made up of thousands of websites. Using Google’s in-market segments you can target potential customers on the websites they visit. For example, if you sell kitchen equipment online then you can target people who are interested in cooking or people who visit cooking websites and recipe blogs online.

Google display ads are a fantastic tactic for reaching new customers who are not aware of your products and services.

This can vary a lot depending on the size of your business with ad spends ranging from $1000 per month for small businesses to over $100,000 per month for larger businesses. The important thing to focus on is not how much you’re spending but to look ad the return on investment from your ad spends. If you’re spending $2000 per month on Google Ads and you’re making $4000 from them then the ad spend is well worth the investment. Paid advertising is about understanding your numbers and being able to tie advertising back to profits.

The big difference is that search ads will show to people who are looking for your product or service while display ads will show to people who you are trying to reach based on various targeting parameters and is best used as a brand awareness strategy. Often, display advertising is used as a remarketing strategy and will show to people who have previously viewed your website.

There are a lot of metrics available to measure the performance of paid ads and depending on your goals, some KPI’s will be more important than others. If you are focused on leads and sales then conversion rates and the number of conversions will be your most important KPI along with cost per click (CPC), Impression share, click-through rates and top-of-page rates. As part of our service, Engine Scout will provide you with all the important metrics for tracking performance.

With careful planning, the right strategy and ongoing improvements, Google Ads can work exceptionally well for most businesses. Chatting with a professional is best to find out how Google Advertising can help grow your business and fit into your overall digital marketing strategy.

At Engine Scout we run our own Ecommerce business and use it to test new Google advertising features and tactics to discover what the best approach is. We’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses from local service businesses to $50M dollar companies and can provide you with the right strategy for optimising your paid ads.

We’re also conversion rate experts and are able to advise you on increasing conversions so you can generate more sales from your advertising.

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