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Scale Organic Traffic With Our Ecommerce SEO Services

Ecommerce SEO is one of the best marketing channels for sustained, long-term growth.

Ecommerce businesses should be acquiring 50% of their sales through organic traffic. If your ecommerce store isn’t hitting the 50% target then we’d love to help you. Becoming overly reliant on paid traffic including Google Shopping can erode your profit margins. 

If you want long-term success then decreasing reliance on paid traffic is a must. 

Ecommerce SEO is the best way to raise your sales from organic traffic sources.

See How Our Clients Drive More Revenue With Engine Scout

Online Printing Store

Plan Paper generated 2500% more online sales with Engine Scout

Online Makeup Store

Sapphire recovered 90% of their organic traffic & sales with Engine Scout

Online Packaging Store

The Cello King generated 646% more online sales with Engine Scout

Search Engine Optimisation

What Is Ecommerce SEO & Why Is It Important?

Ecommerce SEO is a powerful digital marketing strategy that makes your website more visible on search engines (Google, Bing etc..), leading to more traffic and opportunities to convert prospects into paying customers.

Businesses that don’t factor organic search (SEO) into their online marketing receive 63%* less traffic. Can you afford to lose this much traffic to your competition? How will 63% less traffic impact your ecommerce business’s bottom line? Don’t risk it! Our SEO services are tailored to meet your goals and ensure consistent growth for years ahead.

Online Visibility

Organic Traffic

Long Term Results

*Data sourced internally from more than 120 different analytics accounts.

Ecommerce SEO Services By Ecommerce Owners

Engine Scout knows ecommerce better than your average agency, we’ve built our own successful ecommerce business from scratch.

What started off as a test project for learning and practising the latest ecommerce marketing strategies, grew into a passion (and a real business).

We have learned what makes a difference with tested ecommerce SEO strategies and understand how that connects with social advertising, paid ads and conversions.

Working on a number of ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Woocommerce, Maropost & Magento to name a few.

Our approach is holistic and considers the marriage between other ecommerce marketing channels including CRO, content & Google Shopping Ads.

Don't Lose Traffic To Your Competitors

The Leading Ecommerce SEO Company in Australia

Our SEO specialists in Melbourne will develop the right search engine optimisation strategy to increase your rankings, web traffic, leads and sales for long-term, sustained success.

Total Transparency

We practice radical transparency both internally and with our clients. We prefer to communicate regularly to keep you updated and informed on the performance of your SEO campaign. You’ll know what’s happening every step of the way.

Ecommerce SEO Experts

We run our own successful Ecommerce business putting us ahead of 99% of other ecommerce marketing agencies. Partner with an agency that knows what it’s like to run an ecommerce shop.

Full Service Ecommerce SEO Agency

Why choose us versus other SEO agencies?

Ecommerce Owners

We run our own successful eCommerce business, which has given us a better understanding of eCommerce than 99% of other agencies. When you partner with us you’re partnering with real industry experts.

Revenue Focused

Engine Scout works with a wide range of ecommerce stores. We know how important it is to drive sales from organic traffic and focus on optimising the key pages that drive revenue for ecommerce businesses.

No Lock-In Contracts

Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to! Forget 12-month contracts that lock you into a terrible service that delivers no results. We offer flexible monthly contracts and work as an extension to your business.

Results Based

We understand how important sales and revenue are for your business, so our services focus on results-based SEO marketing. We put together an SEO strategy that focuses on increasing sales. We aim to drive more sales to ensure your ecommerce store is a roaring success.


We believe SEO & CRO work together to bring in traffic and convert it into sales. Improving your website’s conversion rate and user experience (UX) drives increased sales and better results from SEO. Being CRO experts, we can recommend the optimal site structure & CRO best practices for added value to your SEO campaign. 

Link Building

The #1 factor for ranking websites on Google is high-quality backlinks. Engine Scout earns you trusted backlinks for ecommerce websites. In addition to our link-building service, we conduct a detailed link SEO audit to determine how many backlinks you’ll need.

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4 Phases Of Ecommerce SEO Growth

Engine Scout is an eCommerce SEO company that takes a systematic approach to achieve real results for you. We’ve used this exact system repeatedly for a wide range of eCommerce businesses including cosmetic stores, packaging supplies, large retailers and everything in between. We work with various eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce.

Multiplatform Expertise

Shopify SEO Services

Shopify SEO Services has a unique set of challenges to overcome, we not only love this platform but understand it’s mechanics deeply.

Magento SEO Services

A trusted warhorse with a reputation for being one of the top ecommerce platforms. 

WooCommerce SEO

Our Woocommerce SEO services help you get your Woocommerce shop noticed by ready-to-buy customers.

Ecommerce SEO FAQ's

Search engine optimisation or SEO as it’s commonly known in the business is the process of getting your website to appear at the top of search engines like Google for the products and services you sell. That way, when potential customers search for your products online, they can easily find your business on the first page of Google.

44% of people start their online shopping journey with a Google search, according to nChannel. This statistic alone is reason enough to make sure you implement an SEO strategy for your eCommerce business. Yes, social media marketing and paid advertising are also important. But if you want to capture 44% of the market then you need to make sure your online store has a visible presence on Google whenever someone searches for the products you sell.

There’s no black and white answer to this question and if any SEO company or consultant guarantees results, you should run the other way. The truth is nobody has the secret solution because Google keeps it’s algorithm top secret. It’s best to speak with an expert who has experience with eCommerce SEO to give you a good understanding of your stores SEO potential.

There are a lot of factors that go into deciding how much eCommerce SEO costs. More competitive niches will require additional work to get results and newer websites will also require more time and effort to build up their authority on Google. If you want to get an accurate cost of your eCommerce SEO project, it’s best to speak to an expert who can give you precise pricing after they look at your website and understand the challenges of your eCommerce niche.

Every eCommerce store is different and comes with its own set of challenges. Before anything else, the first step is getting a detailed understanding of the eCommerce websites current health and that begins with an SEO audit. During this initial phase, it’s about understanding how your site is structured, what are the most critical pages in terms of SEO and are there any issues that require immediate attention? Once the SEO audit and initial fixes are complete, the next phase is all about building up your website’s online presence through both on-page SEO and off-page SEO. This process can take anywhere between 3-24 months, depending on the level of competition and maturity of your eCommerce business. After your website has built up a significant online presence and is easily found by customers on Google, the final phase is to defend your strong position by continuing SEO work and watching competitors closely. You’ll know if your eCommerce SEO is working because your website will be receiving lots more traffic from Google and your sales should be steadily increasing.

If you’re ready to grow your eCommerce business and increase sales, then why not schedule your FREE 30-minute eCommerce strategy session with us today. One of our in-house eCommerce experts will guide you in the right direction and help get you started with SEO for your online store.

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