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How Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Works

SEO is the process of streamlining your website to rank at the top of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

And if your website ranks at the top for search terms related to your business then expect to see a revolutionary change in the way your business and life operates.

Here’s an example of SEO working for a local Geelong business: 

Steve is a local plumber in Geelong and he wants to grow his business by getting more high quality leads and sales.

And the best way Steve can do this is by hiring a top SEO company in the Geelong area. He Google’s SEO service Geelong and finds Engine Scout: A premier SEO company that helps companies based in Geelong get a huge amount of leads and sales by ranking their sites at the top of search engine like Google.

Here’s a simple infographic explaining how organic search works when you use the right SEO service.

local seo infographic

How long Does it take to get results?


When it comes to search engine optimisation, every business is different depending on the level of competition in your industry.

Sometimes SEO is works quickly and other times it can take time.

But don’t worry…

Once I perform your FREE SEO site audit I’ll be able to give you a good answer on how long it will take my SEO agency to rank your website.

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Why Choose Engine Scout as Your geelong SEO agency?

Here are the main reasons why business owners choose to work with us:

  1. We’re proven experts in the field of SEO and we know how to get you results: Imagine increasing your monthly sales by 200%…how would this change your life?
  2. We’re honest, upfront and work efficiently to get you ranking quickly: Unlike a lot of SEO agencies out there, we’re 100% transparent with you  and we like to keep you up to date and informed on the performance of your SEO campaign on a regular basis.
  3. We’ve delivered amazing results to back up our claims: Knowing how to rank your website number 1 takes serious SEO skill knowing what works and what doesn’t. It also takes a relentless work ethic and a proven ranking system built for getting your phone and inbox flooded with leads and sales.
  4. We’re dedicated to helping you, our customer succeed in your industry.

How we work

We’re SEO professionals who back up what we claim:

  1. Incredible Results: To transform your business by filling up your sales pipeline with ‘ready to buy’ customers through the power of Geelong’s premier SEO agency.
  2. Monthly Growth reports: We track and monitor our performance to accurately show you the improvements made to your website. You will be able to see just how many leads we generated for you each month and discuss any future growth strategies.
  3. 100% transparency: We have nothing to hide and give you our ALL-ACCESS pass to see how your campaign is being run behind the scenes, including every bit of work we’re doing for your business.
  4. No dodgy tactics: SEO has a bad reputation due to a lot of cowboys in the industry. These people use cheap tactics that eventually cause your business to be blacklisted from Google resulting in your leads literally drying up over-night.
  5. Clear and honest communication about your campaign’s performance. You’ll have a dedicated support line to contact us at a moments notice to discuss any changes or questions about your SEO campaign.
  6. We take the time to understand your business so we can provide the results you expect!
    It’s the #1 reason why we’re the top SEO Geelong company you’ll find.